Pagoda Marquee

The Pagoda

The Pagoda  Marquees are the mainstay of our business. Using the Hexagonal Marquee as a central area, other structures can be added to cater for Dance floor / Catering / Chillout area, so creating a unique space for your event.


We’ve standardised on the 3m high by 6m sided structures to give total flexibility.

Sizes available: 

3mx6m Pagoda,
6mx6m Pagoda,
6mx12m Pagoda,
11mx12m Hexagonal Pagoda,
6m Triangle,
6m Diamond.


These Pagoda Marquees are very Popular for…. Weddings / Anniversaries / Birthday Parties / Memorial Services / Agricultural Shows / Car Shows / Product Launches / Show Stands / Festivals and much, much more ….

Pagoda Marquee